How mu$h?

Where to send your art or examples and or specifications or general questions

Please start here!

What does art mean?

PDFs are a great place to start. To the scale at which you want it reproduced. Different processes called out on different layers helps us figure out what’s going on. A screenshot will do in a pinch, especially with a handful of specs. But, if you don’t know what something is, send us a picture, and we can probably tell you right away.

What do specifications mean?

Here are some examples:

Due date: 
Printing processes:
and colors:

If business cards, 
how many names:
Quantity of 
each name:

If a book, 
how many pages:

Open dimension:
Closed dimension:

When you need these things by:

Can you design this thing for me?

We leave the heavy lifting of design decisions and theory to professional graphic designers. Check your local AIGA if you are really lost.

How much does it cost?

Send us your specifications and or art or examples and let’s find out. As a reference, it costs around $350 to start a press.